sangat aid eye camps

With the grace of Waheguru, and the support of the Sangat and viewers, Sangat Trust launched the Sangat Aid Eye Camp project in February 2012.

During the next few weeks, Sangat Trust made use of the Sangat Television platform to raise £39,000 to provide essential Eye operations and cataract treatments to the needy people of Punjab. We have been able to deliver these to the highest standard through partnering with Sant Baba Nirmal Das Ji.

Sangat Aid has the vision to provide Aid to the needy and truly put into practise the core teaching of Sikhi – ‘Selflessly serving others without any form of discrimination’.
In the next few months these funds we used to deliver 4 eye camps. The details of these camps were:

Dates Village Eye Inspections No of operations
15-02-2012 Sherpur Dhako, Hoshiarpur 875 163
11-03-2012 Gure, Goraya 309 175
22-04-2012 Pathankot 701
25-11-2012 Jalandhar TBC

In summary, we have until now:

  • Conducted around 2,000 eye inspections.
  • Performed over 500 Eye operations
  • Provided many complex and specialist eye operations as per needs of needy individuals.
  • Tended to the needs of patients between 4-85 years of age


Donation of your Daswand is a core message of the Gurus. Sikhs all over the world donate a minimum of one tenth of their time, money and resources for worthy causes.

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