Financial Support – Your Daswand

Like you we also feel passionate about our faith. We feel that all of humanity can benefit from the timeless legacy left by the Sikh Gurus and message of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

However, we are at a time where we facing challenges, such the erosion of values, identity and tradition. We feel strongly about using broadcast communications technology and new media to help regenerate values for future generations. This is our shared responsibility.

We believe that we must face up to these challenges as ‘one’ cohesive community – ‘Sangat’, to do this we need your support.

Sikh Gurus had set up the institution of Daswand to allow Sikhs to donate and support the Sikhi in an organized manner. Daswand is one of the core messages of Sikhi and Sikhs all over the world consider it their duty to donate a minimum of one tenth of their time, money and resources for worthy causes. You can also follow this practice by Supporting Dharam Parchar through Sangat Television. This is a very worthy cause and with your support we can truly make a difference.

Sangat Trust humbly requests that you contribute to support the activities of the Sangat Trust. This could include regular financial support or through sharing of our knowledge, contacts, experience and skills. We need your support to promote these values to future generations.

How can you donate?

Standing Order Form – Regular monthly donation of your Daswand from your bank

Many people set up a bank to bank Standing Order. This a simple and straight forward way of supporting our work with regular donations of your Daswand. Download a Standing order form here. You will need to print this document and complete it with your bank details. Don’t forget to sign and date this document. Once this is all completed deliver the Standing order form to your bank.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can always call a friendly member of our team on 0121 534 0000 and we shall post you and Standing order form alongwith a pre-paid self addressed envelope so that you post the form back to Sangat Trust. We will then process the form to ensure that you make regular donations of your Daswand.

Paypal / Credit Card – Regular monthly donation of your Daswand using Paypal

If you have a paypal account, you can also set up a monthly subscription to Sangat TV. This function will set up a donations scheme whereby your paypal account will be automatically invoiced each month, for the payment amount of your choice. This payment will then be automatically deducted from your paypal account.

You can also use this function if you wish to make a regular payment subscription using a credit card of your choice. Use this option to set up a monthly subscription to Sangat Trust.

Paypal / Credit Card – Single payment donation

You can use this function to make a single payment of your Daswand via Paypal or credit card. This is a very fast way of making a donation now.

Bank to Bank Transfer of your Daswand

You can donate with a choice of currencies by your preferred method. Every donation, small or large, will help us to serve the Sangat through our projects better. Kindly make donations to using the below bank details:

Bank Details:
Account Name: Sangat Trust
Bank Name: HSBC Bank plc
Bank Address: 46 The Broadway, Ealing, London, W5 5JR
UK Donors:
Account No: 7245 1719
Sort Code: 40 02 26
International Donors:
IBAN: GB55 MIDL 4002 2672 4517 19
For Euros use:
IBAN: GB41 MIDL 4005 1571 0137 20
Account No: 7101 3720
Cheque Donations

If you find it easier to support us by way of a cheque, then please make it payable to ‘Sangat Trust’. All donors should kindly post cheques to Sangat Trust, 276 Monument Rd, Birmingham, B16 8XF.

Cash Donations

Many people often find it easy to make cash donations to Sangat Television, if you also prefer to make a cash donation then please be sure to personally deliver cash to: Sangat Television, 276 Monument Rd, Birmingham, B16 8XF.

Please be sure to hand over cash to only to a sewadar of Sangat Television at the above mentioned address. Sewadars always issue a Sangat Trust receipt to all donors immediately upon receipt of all donations.

If you have an questions about any of the above information, you are most welcome to speak to a friendly member of our team by calling 0121 369 1380.

Finally, we wish to state that the Sangat Trust is a registered charity. The Trust is managed by various individuals and sewadars and is not owned by one family or one organization. All of your Daswand shall go towards Dharam Parchar.