sangat trust

Sangat Trust is an umbrella body set up by various Gurudwara’s, Businesses, Organisations and individuals to delivering a universal message of peaceful coexistence to humanity through Sikhi’s core values of: Loving his creation, Spiritual wisdom, Humility and tolerance, Compassion, forgiveness and mercy, Honesty, transparency and accountability, Contentment and selflessness and Chardikala (constant optimism).

Sangat Trust is registered with Charity Commission of England and Wales with charity number 1139995. Sangat Television Limited is wholly owned by Sangat Trust.


We aim to do this by:

  • Working with children and youth to help them gain a deeper understanding of their faith and what it can offer to them in the 21st Century through devotion, selfless service and charitable activities.
  • Bringing together members of our sangat, businesses, organisations and institutions as active owners and participants to work towards our shared values.
  • Working through intra and inter-faith dialogue and co-operation as a powerful way of promoting peace, justice and tolerance as well as a greater understanding of the Sikh faith.

Sangat Trust believes in being honest and transparent in all endeavors. We are grateful to our supporters and sponsors who trust us with their Daswand to continue Dharam Parchar through Sangat Television. In this light, we believe that it is our duty to share our accounts with all Sangat. We are the first Sikh Media / Television station in the world to publicly declare our accounts via our website in a timely fashion. You can view end of year accounts by clicking the below links:

Sangat Trust Accounts YE 31 08 12