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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Welcome to Sangat TV, a channel and website dedicated to regenerating the Chardikala (constant optimism) values for future generations by inspiring the Sikh ethos amongst and beyond the Sikh youth of today.

Sangat TV aims to share and promote Ekta (social and community cohesion) through the universal message of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, collaborating the timeless 300 year old Sikh spiritual tradition with the modern networks of broadcast technology in perfect harmony make a world of a difference.

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Our focus is to empower the community with educational and informative programs, helping them make positively informed and educated lifestyle decisions based on the Gurus teachings. This will also be supported around the clock by dharmic (religious), heritage, lifestyle and children’s programmes aimed at educating and inspiring viewers to the extraordinary Sikh way of life , encouraging inter faith dialogue and peace among communities.

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Sangat Television is the first TV channel in the world to be set up by a registered charity.

We are committed to promoting Sikhi and propagating ‘Dharam Parchar’ whilst providing the sangat with open, honest and transparent financials.

Sangat Television is the first project and the media arm of Sangat Trust, a registered Charity in England and Wales with Charity number 1139995.

Sangat TV is for the Sangat and run by the Sangat so please visit us regularly and keep upto date with the latest news and programmes. If you would like to support Sangat TV’s development, please visit the Support Us Page.

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