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Embodying the Spirit of Seva.

Sat Sri Akal and a heartfelt welcome to Sangat TV, a beacon of light kindled to instill the invincible spirit of Chardikala, the eternal optimism, in our future generations. Our aim is to ignite the spark of the Sikh ethos, not only within our vibrant Sikh youth but also to radiate it far and wide, transcending boundaries.

Guided by the divine wisdom of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sangat TV embarks on a mission to foster Ekta – unity and social cohesion. We strive to weave the timeless spiritual traditions of Sikhism, spanning over three centuries, with the modern threads of broadcasting technology. In this symphony of the ancient and the contemporary, we endeavor to make a world of difference, one broadcast at a time.

Sangat Television Limited, a beacon of grace within the Sangat Trust family, is a project seeped in the spirit of Seva and the teachings of our divine Gurus. It serves as our media arm, working tirelessly to connect Sikh hearts and minds across the globe.

Our diverse programming encompasses Dharmic content, exploring our rich heritage, promoting a spiritual lifestyle, and nurturing young minds with dedicated children’s programmes. We aim to cultivate unity, or ‘Ekta’, by disseminating the sacred teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, focusing on the virtues of Naam, Seva, Simran, truthful living, compassion, mercy, and sharing.

As a freely accessible channel on SKY (UK and Europe) and via our digital platforms, Sangat Television offers the world a glimpse into the profound wisdom and universal message of our Gurus. Our mission is not only to foster community cohesion through distinctive programming but also to spread the divine light of Sikhi to every corner of the earth.

Core Values: The Principles Guiding Sangat TV

At Sangat TV, we pride ourselves on our:

  1. Open and transparent structure, reinforcing the principle of equality intrinsic to our faith.
  2. Diverse and quality programmes, celebrating the many facets of Sikh life.
  3. Dedication to engaging and supporting youth projects, instilling the wisdom of our Gurus in the next generation.
  4. Commitment to community-based projects, because service to the community is service to the divine.
  5. Tireless support for charitable causes, reflecting the spirit of sharing and selflessness.
  6. Enthusiastic participation in national events, demonstrating our love and commitment to our communities and nations.

Join us at Sangat Television, and be a part of this divine journey towards love, unity, and understanding. Let us walk together on the path illuminated by our beloved Gurus, fostering Ekta and harmony throughout the world.

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