Bibi Harmohan Kaur Ji @ Akhand Jaap 5MAR2011 – Gurudwara, GNNSJ London [HD]

A 5 Minute Video of Waheguru Simran recited by Bibi Harmohan Kaur Ji at the 12hour Akhand Jaap on Saturday 5th March 2011. The simran prayers was hosted at Gurudwara, GNNSJ London, 142 Martindale Road, Hounslow. The full video is on Sangat Television, UK Sky Channel 847.

The “Akhand Jaap” is an initiative that was started by Sikh youth after 9-11, the Akhand Jaap has been running for 10 years in the name of world peace.

The event is simple. Recitation of Waheguru (the Sikh word for God) continuously for between 12-24 hours.

This recitation is also known as Naam and is fundamental to the Sikh Dharam (faith), therefore the event allows all Sikhs to engage with and learn about their Dharam.

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