Brave Words from Men of Faith – Tariq Jahan & Abdul Quddoos (14 August 2011)

Brave Words from Men of Faith – Tariq Jahan and Abdul Quddoos at Summerfield Park, Birmingham, United Kingdom during the Peace March on 14 August 2011.

Tariq Jahan the father of the 20 year old Haroon and Abdul Quddoos the brother of Shahzad and Abdul deceased young men share their thoughts and brave words with attendees.

Their brave words promoted peace, brotherhood and unity within all communities.

Later, they both came and shared their thoughts in the Punjabi language with viewers of Sangat TV. We thank them for their message of togetherness which has brought peace to the streets of Birmingham.

We would like to thank viewers for all the great support and wonderful words. Sangat TV will always try our level best to bring peace within all communities.

Peace rally held in Birmingham after riots deaths. “One City. One Voice for Peace” – United Birmingham

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