First Sangat TV Anniversary: Special Message by Paul Uppal MP

Prime Minister David Cameron watches Sangat Television according to Paul Uppal MP.

First Anniversary of Sangat Television.
Special Message of kind words by Paul Uppal MP.

Paul Uppal was selected as Conservative Party candidate for Birmingham Yardley less than three months before the 2005 general election. The seat was traditionally a Conservative-Labour marginal, but became a three-way marginal at the 1992 general election and a Labour-Liberal Democrat marginal since the 1997 general election, with the Conservatives pushed into an increasingly distant third place. Uppal came third in 2005, winning just 2,970 votes, with Liberal Democrat John Hemming replacing the retiring Labour MP Estelle Morris.

He was selected as the Conservative party candidate on 16 February 2007, in an open primary in which all residents of Wolverhampton South West had a vote, not just party members, held at Molineux Stadium. The seat was traditionally a safe Conservative seat, held by Enoch Powell from 1950 to 1974 and then by Nicholas Budgen until 1997, when it became a Labour marginal held by Jenny Jones until 2001 and then Rob Marris until 2010. However, the Labour majorities gradually reducing at each election, and Uppal won the seat for the Conservatives in 2010.

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