Inner Visions Davinder Panesar with Angie Diaz Mansilla

“Inner visions” are interviews exploring the multi-dimensions of human spiritual experiences and practices. These interviews expand on the vision of being human, bringing a uniquely generous and encompassing view of human nature, discovering pathways towards self-realization and living as our authentic selves, Gurmukh. The interviews offer perspectives and models which extends beyond current Western psychology towards Gurmat or psychology of the enlightened. This series of interviews aim to bring inspiring, informative and innovative perspectives on our interconnectedness.

Interview with Angie: Gurmantra –

Jah muskal hovai aṯ bẖārī.

Har ko nām kẖin māhi uḏẖārī.

Where the obstacles are so very heavy,

the Name of the Lord shall rescue you in an instant. (Sukhmani Sahib)

What does a young woman do when confronted by three male attackers early one Sunday morning? Find out in this inspiring and profoundly touching interview with Angie Diaz Mansilla. Angie recounts her moving experience, within the context of her own spiritual journey and awaking in this interview with Davinder Singh Panesar.

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