Inner Visions with Yolanda Dolling

“Inner visions” are interviews exploring the multi-dimensions of human spiritual experiences and practices. These interviews expand on the vision of being human, bringing a uniquely generous and encompassing view of human nature, discovering pathways towards self-realization and living as our authentic selves, Gurmukh. The interviews offer perspectives and models which extends beyond current Western psychology towards Gurmat or psychology of the enlightened. This series of interviews aim to bring inspiring, informative and innovative perspectives on our interconnectedness.

Interview with Yolanda: Sikhi based framework for transpersonal experience

How does one go about making sense of their life, their identity and sense of “self” following a sudden transpersonal event especially within a culture that has no or little understanding of anything beyond the ego? Yolanda Dolling shares her life changing mystical experience, as well as sharing the application of subsequent wisdom and knowledge in an interview with Davinder Singh Panesar.

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