Learn Gurmukhi (Punjabi) in 5 days Fast track – Episode 2

Watch, listen and learn how to read and write Gurmukhi / Punjabi in 5 ground-breaking lessons.

Yes, it is true, after watching and studying these educational programmes you will be able to read and write Punjabi. This can all be achieved within 5 days.

Harpal Singh and the Sangat TV worked tirelessly to prepare this programme and present this series of educations shows to the worldwide audience via Sangat Television.

In this series, Harpal Singh an experienced senior teacher from Baru Sahib teaches Sarbjit Lotay in an extremely simple and friendly manner the basics of the Punjabi language.

This is the first time in history that this type of fast track educational programme has been planned, developed and produced for television viewers to watch in the comfort of their own homes. It helps learners of all ages to learn the Gurmukhi / Punjabi language.

This fantastic initiative was a joint collaboration project between Sangat Trust and Baru Sahib. Both have the joint vision of sharing the message of the eternal Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib Ji and there is no better way of reading and sharing this message than in its original form — Gurmukhi.

Please contact Nirmal Singh if you find this programme helpful / educational and wish to help fund and produce further programmes of this nature. You can contact Nirmal by email at: Nirmal@SangatTelevision.org

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