Liam Byrne MP announces intention to become elected Labour Mayor of Birmingham

Hodge Hill MP and Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Liam Byrne today formally announces his intention to become the elected Labour Mayor of Birmingham.

Liam Byrne was joined by supporters from across the city including Labour Group Leader Sir Albert Bore who will join the Hodge Hill MP as number two on a Byrne/Bore ticket.

Byrne told supporters that he plans to do everything he can to win back Europe’s biggest authority for Labour, to secure a Yes vote in the Mayoral referendum, and then to fight for the Labour nomination.

Byrne said: “I want to be Mayor because I love our city — and I believe its best days are ahead. Our city is my home. My children will grow up here. And I want to use every skill I have, and all the passion I can bring, to make Birmingham the place we all know it can be.

“My three priorities will be very simple: jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Sir Albert Bore said: “For 12 years I have advocated cities being led by elected mayors. Birmingham needs to vote yes on 3 May and then elect a mayor who will deliver the many initiatives the city needs … I had previously intended to stand myself but I now want to join up Liam Byrne and work for Liam’s election as Birmingham’s first elected mayor. He will make a great elected mayor.”

Councillor Gurdial Singh Atwal also conducts some short interviews for Sangat TV with some of the key figures from the campaign.

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