Lord Hunt visits the Nishkam Centre

Dr Jasvir Grewal interviews Lord Hunt the Deputy Leader of Opposition at the House of Lords and a prominent person in local NHS during his visit to meet with the Sikh community at the Nishkam Centre, Soho Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham.

During his visit, Amrick Singh, Nishkam Centre Director highlighted the activities and focus of the Centre and key challenges facing the community. Lord Hunt was impressed with what was going on with health & wellbeing, heritage, education, the entrepreneurial community spirit, the involvement of the youth in civil society, and the vast amount of volunteering work that was shaping the whole campus.

Lord Hunt is committed to providing excellence in Education and Health, both of these sectors are very close to the hearts of the team at the Nishkam Centre and both parties look forward to working together in the near future. The whole team wishes to thank Noorin Akhtar, a local TV presenter for organising the visit.

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