People’s People with Kevin Brown {PART II}


Don’t Miss; An Exclusive Interview with ‘KEVIN BROWN’ Only on SANGAT TV, Sky 847 in, ‘PEOPLE’S PEOPLE’ at 9:00PM (UK time) Tonight (6th May)

‘Kevin Brown’ is a very inspiring & talented human being with great qualities who only knows how to Motivate, Inspire & Win. He is an international discus thrower. Four times world champion. Two times Commonwealth finalist. Two times European Finalist. One olympics. Four times British champion. Central American champion. Jamaican games record holder.

Also recently broke the world record my pulling an 8 tonne truck over 800 metres. Also endless grand prix meetings all over europe. Kevin Owns two gyms and a Nutritions company. He will be coaching athletes for next years Olympics. His plans this year Is to break the British record and pull a charter plane racing a 2012 model range rover. It’s a pound for pound race.

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