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In 2012 Sangat Trust launched a new project – Sangat Aid Dharami Fauji Project. The purpose of this project was to provide aid to needy Dharami Faujis and their families.

Dharami Fauji are people that were serving in the armed forces in 1984 and decided that they could no longer continue serving due to the fact that the Indian government had stormed the Golden Temple in Amritsar in June 1984.

Sangat Trust launched this campaign through Sangat Television and during the months of May and June 2012 raised approx £193,000 through the viewers of Sangat Television. Sangat Trust is proud to announce that these funds were delivered in their entirety with zero overhead to needy Dharami Fauji in the Punjab.

Sangat Trust is extremely grateful to all the viewers and supporters who gave donations to the Dharami Fauji project and allowed us to deliver financial support to the Dharami Faujis and their families.

The project was delivered through our partnership with Sant Baba Sewa Singh Ji at their facilities in Khadoor Sahib. Sangat Trust sewadars led by Bhai Lakha Singh Ji travelled from the UK to co ordinate the delivery of the project.

During this process, they met with Dharami Faujis and their families and examined their records to prove legitimacy of the claims. This was a very detailed and time consuming process as we finally delivered aid to many people and families. We are grateful for the support that we received from local sewadars and Dharami Fauji groups in Punjab.

The distribution process started in September 2012. To deliver the support effectively and in a consistent manner, we categorized the different types of Dharami Fauji. Currently, we have delivered the below financial support to the following categories of people:

3375,000 RsShaheed Dharami Faujis – who became shaheeds during 1984
2475,000 RsDharami Fauji – suffering with severe medical conditions.
5650,000 RsWidows of Dharami Fauji – these are widows of Dharami Fauji who survived 1984, but have passed away since that period.
9050,000 RsDharami Fauji – who have served between 5-20 years imprisonment
9250,000 RsDharami Fauji – who have served between 1month – 5 years imprisonment

The first distribution of funds by Sangat Aid includes names, army numbers and addresses of the Dharami Fauji. Distribution is still ongoing and we shall be adding further updates to this list in the near future.

Sangat Trust has identified over 500 Dharami Fauji that are in need of your support. As you can see from the above information summary, with your donations we have provided financial support to around 300 Dharami Fauji. We aim to continue this project with your kind support and get to all of the 500.

If you have an questions about any of the above information, you are most welcome to speak to a member of our team on +44 (0)300 0300 113.

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