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Serving the Sangat’s Diverse Health Needs

Serving as humble extensions of our Guru’s teachings, at Sangat Trust, we recognize the intricate tapestry of our global Sangat. Each thread, each soul, brings its unique set of care needs, shaped by our diverse origins.

Research has illuminated certain health concerns that disproportionally burden ethnic minority groups in the UK, such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Tuberculosis, and Depression. As followers of our compassionate Guru, we take these concerns to heart, committed to providing targeted care.

Our experience at Sangat Wellbeing has highlighted the widespread confusion surrounding individual care needs. We firmly believe in treating everyone as unique individuals with distinct healthcare requirements, and we are dedicated to clearing up any misunderstandings about personal health and wellness.

Through our programs and collaborations, we aim to empower you to make informed, educated decisions about your health and social care needs. We encourage self-knowledge and self-care, providing you with the tools you need to understand and manage your health effectively.

Partnering with the Community for Better Health

We have formed strategic partnerships with various community organizations to broaden our reach in the area of wellbeing and mental health. These partners include the Sikh Helpline, Nishkam Health Trust, and Taraki. We are continually seeking new collaborations to provide greater support and resources for health and wellness.

We support the NHS’s commitment to the mantra, “no decision about me without me”. Walking this path of health advocacy together, we collaborate with the NHS and other health service providers to deliver healthcare truly centred around each unique individual.

If you find yourself navigating any health-related uncertainties or queries, we advise you to reach out to NHS England on 111 or through their online portal. We’re here as your support and guide in your personal health journey. Join us on Sangat Television on SKY 769 for more health wisdom in the coming months.

Health: A Symphony of Mind, Body, and Soul

In the wisdom imparted by our Guru, wellbeing is a trifecta composed of Mind, Body, and Soul. These dimensions of health play a harmonious symphony, making our wellbeing whole. It’s crucial to nurture these in harmony for an overall healthy life. These three areas of wellbeing complement one another to complete our overall health profile so it would make sense to develop these in harmony with one another.

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