Organ Donation Project

The Facts

Sat Sri Akal. As our Guru’s humble servants, we’re here to bring forth a dire issue that touches the very core of our community. Currently, over 10,000 souls in the UK find themselves in desperate need of an organ transplant. Regrettably, each year, 1,000 individuals – equivalent to three precious lives each day – depart from us due to a lack of available organs.

In the face of the grim reality of organ shortage, we are reminded of this profound duty. Our Gurus’ wisdom guides us to embrace the spirit of giving and to be there for those in need, to share in their struggles, and to strive towards easing their burdens. For the act of giving, of putting others before ourselves, is not just about the physical act of giving an organ – it’s about upholding the Sikh ethos of sacrifice and altruism.

Within this concerning scenario, our Asian community carries a heavier burden. Our brothers and sisters are more likely to require a transplant, yet face a longer waiting period than the general population. Regrettably, they might not receive the organ they need in time. Despite making up nearly a fifth of those requiring a transplant, only about 1% of organ donors each year are from our community. These numbers reflect a pressing issue, a significant shortfall that we cannot ignore.

The Action

In 2013, the Sangat Trust and Sangat Television team, moved by this cause, partnered with Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust’s organ donation committee. Together, we began the noble endeavor of creating a series of television shows titled: “Organ Donation – Let’s Make a Difference”. Our shared mission was to elevate awareness and dispel misconceptions surrounding organ donation. Our episodes, presented in both Punjabi and English, started broadcasting that same year.

Following the teachings of our Gurus that encourage selfless service, Sangat Television beseeches everyone, across all communities, to register with the NHS Organ Donor Register. Express your decision to your loved ones. Our community has an urgent need for more donors. The issue at hand demands serious contemplation and swift action. Every new registration brings with it the potential to save a life..

Please take a moment to register your name on the organ donation register here.

Educational Information

For more insights and to partake in this enlightening journey, you are invited to view our episodes through the following links:

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