Find Your Soul in the Sangat.

Marriage, or Anand Karaj (blissful union), is more than just a bond between two individuals. In our Sikh community, it forms the foundation of a harmonious family, which is a significant contributor to an enriched and vibrant Sangat. This ripple effect extends to the larger society, embedding it with the profound values of Sikhism – the same values that harmonize two souls under the eternal blessings of our Guru.

Recognizing this, Sangat Matrimonial, an initiative by the Sangat Trust, exists to support you in finding your perfect partner. The weekly show on Sangat Television extends this service, guiding young Sikhs on their path to a life partnership.

With four years of successful operation and over a thousand members, Sangat Matrimonial has been a beacon of hope for many. Numerous success stories stand testament to the effectiveness of our service in uniting souls in the divine union of marriage.

What are you waiting for?

Available on Web, iOS and Android

Make the first step towards your Anand Karaj by registering on or by downloading or iOS / Android apps.

Streamlined Matrimonial Services

  • Flexibility to search the database at your convenience.
  • Opportunity to send ‘friend requests’ and connect deeply with potential partners.
  • Assurance that your personal information, such as telephone number and email address, remains undisclosed until you choose to share it.
  • Freedom to update your profile, pictures, password, and personal statements as per your wish.
  • Access to detailed profiles of other members.

To join us in this sacred journey:

  1. Log in to the website with your personal details.
  2. Search for an appropriate partner.
  3. Send a contact request.

Extend this blessing to a friend by recommending, helping them too in their quest for a life partner.

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