Sangat Television Limited was first project of Sangat Trust which is wholly owned by Sangat Trust charity. Sangat Television is a limited company, the media arm of Sangat Trust.

The channel is viewable FREE on SKY (UK and Europe) and worldwide through our streaming platforms over the internet. We are creating the first worldwide television channel to foster community cohesion through unique programming and raise awareness of the message of our Gurus. Programmes will include a focus on:

  • Dharmic programmes
  • Heritage programmes
  • Lifestyle programmes
  • Children’s programmes

Sangat TV will share and promote Ekta through the universal message of Guru Granth Sahib Ji of naam, sewa, simran, truthful living, compassion, mercy and sharing.

What Sangat TV Offers:

  • Open and transparent structure
  • Diverse and quality programmes
  • Engaging and supporting youth projects
  • Community based projects
  • Supporting charitable causes
  • Supporting national events
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