Sangat Arts – Tanti Saaj workshop organised by Gurmat Sangeet Academy and Nishkam Centre

This video was produced as part of the Sangat Arts series and presents the recent Tanti Saaj workshop organised as a collaborative effort by the Gurmat Sangeet Academy and the Nishkam Centre, Birmingham.

The event delivered a first time experience to people that had never had the opportunity to try and play a traditional stringed Sikh instrument. The purpose of the event was to help educate people about some of the musical tradition given to us by the Sikh Gurus to help preserve or rich heritage.

This joint effort delivered a fantastic workshop which was well attended by many people from all over the Midlands and was able to to meet its objectives in a fun and friendly manner. It was attended by the old, young, Sikhs and non Sikhs with a keen interest in music.

The GSA team was co ordinated by Harjinder Singh Lallie and the teaching team included Jatinder Singh Loyal, Harminder Singh Dhinsay, Varinder Singh Dhinsay, Jaspal Singh Sahota, Amandeep Kaur and Serge Singh Sanghera.

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