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The trust focuses on the central and universal message of the Sikh scriptures, which is to recognise humanity as one and to see God in all. The living Guru Granth Sahib Ji offers us hope, a path to enlightenment and a practical and timeless message for contemporary daily living.

Sangat Trust is an umbrella body set up by various Gurudwara’s, Businesses, Organisations and individuals to delivering a universal message of peaceful coexistence to humanity through Sikhi core values of: Loving his creation, Spiritual wisdom, Humility and tolerance, Compassion, forgiveness and mercy, Honesty, transparency and accountability, Contentment and selflessness and Chardikala (constant optimisim).

Our motto is Sarbat da bhalla – which translates to goodwill, good wishes and welfare for all.

Sangat Trust is a limited company by guarantee and charitable status expected September 2010. Sangat TV Limted is a wholly owned company by Sangat Trust.

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