Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji of Baru Sahib interview by Ranjit Singh Rana

Baru Sahib is well known for the TV programmes called Sahej Paath and Anahad Baani which are shown daily on Sangat TV. In India they are known for much more than TV programmes … they are responsible for changing lives and brining people to Sikhi through education.

Baru Sahib also known as the Valley of Divine Peace is located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Baru Sahib is the realization of vision of Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji, Mastuane Wale (1866–1927), who, in the early twentieth century envisaged a place in the Himalayas from where young souls equipped with the amalgam of spiritual and modern scientific education will spread the message of universal brotherhood throughout the world.

Baru Sahib was revealed to the mankind by his devout disciple Sant Baba Teja Singh Ji (1877–1965) {MA, LLB (Punjab, India), AM (Harvard, USA)} with the help of Bhai Iqbal Singh and Bhai Khem Singh in 1956.

Since that time, Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji of Baru Sahib has dedicated his whole life to the selfless service of humanity. Today, he is over 80 years old and has travelled the whole world to raise money for children. He campaigns tirelessly to stop drugs and alcohol addiction affecting the young of Punjab.

Baba Ji has created a solution for this problem: education, especially for young women. His motto is “Educate a girl….Educates a family.” These young women are changing the lives of each and every member of their respective families as well as impacting the community as a whole. He is empowering, encouraging and inspiring them.

He has established over 110 schools, colleges each around 1,000 children both male and female. . He has provided 3 drug rehabilitation centers, which to date have helped 1700 people, and also a hospital. The hospital runs entirely on volunteers, yet still manages to see 300 patients daily. There is also an orphanage for young girls that have been abandoned by their families. These children are educated to become teachers, so that they may in turn return to their communities and pay it forward. The list of what he has done continues, with most of his focus on women of all ages.

There are shelters for widows, the destitute and the elderly. They are taught a cottage industry, such as embroidery, to help them earn a living. Many of these women were abused by their husbands or fathers and forced into domestic slavery. Baba Ji has provided these women with something they’ve never had before, freedom. Freedom comes from learning a craft and thus being able to provide for oneself and one’s family.

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