Sikh Chaplaincy in the UK

In this programme Manjit Singh speaks with guests who have been involved with the UK Sikh Chaplaincy Service which was set up in 2005.

The guests include Sital Singh Maan, one of the founder Trustees of the group, Parkash Kaur Sohal and Joga Singh who have both been helping and supporting patients in hospitals for many years.

Chaplaincy care has been operating in many hospitals and health authorities in predominately Sikh areas for some time but much of this has been on a local level operated more from the strength and understanding of local health authorities and individuals rather than from a national strategy. The organisation allows the community to have an opportunity to have a specialist group concerned with developing guidelines concerning recruitment, training and spiritual and religious care from a Sikh perspective on a national level.
The charity also provides material highlighting the Sikh view on chaplaincy and spiritual care, both for training and practice guidelines and ensures that Sikh patients receive a good standard of spiritual and healthcare services in NHS hospitals.

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