Sikhs defend Southall from Riotors: Sangat TV visiting London after Tottenham Riot (10 August 2011)

Harjap Singh Bhangal takes Sangat TV viewers to the streets of Southall with brave members of the Sikh community protecting their Gurdwara (place of worship), Local Shops. .

Patorilng the streets with Local sikhs, making sure that London is safe after Tottenham Riots.

Watch Exlusive 1 hour footage of Sangat TV’s Legendary series of programmes.

Press TV:

“Hundreds of people from the Sikh and Muslim communities in west London have formed vigilante groups to protect their homes, businesses and places of worship from gangs of marauding youths. The vigilantes stood guard in the streets of Southhall and said they were prepared to fight anyone who attacked them or their properties.”

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“Its about respecting others and we want that interfaith dialogue to carry on” Nirmal Singh, Sangat TV

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