Sikhs @ War Documentary [Trailer] [HD]

A short advert about the Sikhs @ War Documentary on Sangat Television, UK SKY Channel 847.

Sikh @ war is about a teenager from Coventry who deals with being bullied by going on a journey to discover the bravery of his Sikh ancestors who fought for Great Britain during the World Wars.

‘Sikhs@War’ traces the heroics of Sikhs who fought and died for Great Britain through the first hand account of a young teenager who’s found their actions inspiring. During the War, these brave warriors fought on while maintaining their religious identity and with their turbans as their only protection.

But the actions of more than 100,000 Sikhs who were deployed on the Western Front have largely been forgotten. ‘SikhsatWar’ is a project that will address this by being a free online educational resource for schools and young people.

Produced & Directed by J. Singh-Sohal

Editor – Rajesh Divakaran

Executive Producer – Dot Hyphen Productions.

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